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Meridien, genuine heavy duty traditional breton sailor shirt is a a unisex long sleeves sailor shirt, a striped sailor shirt, part of a full nautical sailing and yachting clothing line from brittany France. See also our navy sweaters, jumpers, jersey and other nautical fisherman clothing WOMEN
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Meridien, genuine heavy duty traditional breton sailor shirt is a a unisex long sleeves sailor shirt, a striped sailor shirt, part of a full nautical sailing and yachting clothing line from brittany France STRIPED SAILOR SHIRT
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Sailor shirt Minquiers womens

All the french nautical style in a fine, thin, soft and light long sleeves womens striped fishing shirt.
it is sunday's best, a unisex fine sailing fishing shirt from brittany (France) made out of a quality fine light weight 100% combed coton with many colour combinations available.

Quality French Nautical Clothing

fine long sleeves striped sailor shirt, fine sailor fishing shirt from brittany (France). This striped sailor shirt is made out of a light weight 100% combed fine thin cotton part of a full men, women and children nautical clothing line by Saint James for sailing and yachting. minquiers for women, fine long sleeves striped fishing shirt
Minquiers, fine cotton breton sailor shirt EUR 29.00  $44.95
Fine thin cotton long sleeves sailor shirt

EEC EUROPE: Euro 34.68 VAT included


Sizes : XS to XXL

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EUR 1.50  $2.32
Burgundy metallized red envelope with sailor card
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