Genuine quality french berets for men in pure weatherproof wool with tail in middle. Made in France.


it is simply THE HIGHEST QUALITY BERET you are likely to FIND IN THE WORLD.

Weight difference with other bérets is small (5 gramms only), but finition and a three times razor shaving and a leather sweatband makes it a velvet soft béret of an outstanding quality.

100% waterproof this is the top of LAULHERE range.

An embroidered label with arms logo covering the inside of each béret certifies the high quality of the product.


campan pure wool de luxe beret made in france by laulhere

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Bérets have been the base of French hats for centuries and are still used by lots of people.
Best quality ones are béret Basque.
Our béret comes from the heart of Basque country.

Factories are still working the old way with royal 17th century measurements "pouces" and "aunes" .

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We cannot ship the taste of a good baguette (although you have on this site our french bread recipe to make it easily at home) , neither the atmosphere of a french country family meal or an apéritif taken in a french café but only the béret and the fisherman's shirt