genuine breton nautical cotton shirt and nautical clothing from brittany for outdoor boating sailing yachting and sportswear. traditional breton sailor and fisherman shirt. original breton heavy weight cotton shirt , breton cotton jersey , short sleeve fine cotton breton shirt , hood breton shirt , front pocket breton cotton shirt , long sleeves fine cotton breton shirt , national navy sailor striped cotton jerseymail order saint james sweater, reefer jacket, beaudouin duffle coat, navy pea coat, kilt, breton cap, breton T-shirt, french beret, fisherman's clothing from brittany

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the original unisex heavy weight coarse cotton breton shirt MERIDIEN
Adults & Kids

heavy cotton

heavy duty unisex cotton shirt whit high collar

unisex heavy cotton

unisex light weight and fine cotton mariner's breton shirt with long sleeves MINQUIERS
Adults & Kids

fine thin cotton , long sleeves

unisex light weight and fine cotton breton short sleeves shirt
Adults & Kids

fine thin cotton , short sleeves

unisex heavy duty coarse cotton breton mariner shirt with draw string on collar and a Kangouroo pocket on front

heavy cotton

French national service men sailors's shirt in a fine tight woven cotton

Navy sailor's shirt
fine tight woven cotton

hooded unisex heavy weight coarse cotton long sleeves breton shirt with two low front patched pockets

heavy cotton

All breton mariner's shirts were working items.

Some, thinner such as levant and minquiers and made out of a very fine cotton were worn on summer days and sundays, others in heavy cotton used to be worn at sea aboard fishing boats when the mer d'Iroise or the Atlantic ocean and the wind were calm enough not to have to wear a fisherman smock, a reefer jacket or worse the heavy oilskins the fishy smell of which was awfull.

National navy service men shirt was and is still worn every day by sailors manoevering on deck of war ships together with the BACHI with its red pompon , they wear it only on special occasions.

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