traditional unisex nautical breton sweaters used by fishermen in brittany with buttonned shoulder.

genuine original wool navy breton sweater with shoulder buttoning , wool local breton sweater from north brittany with plain pattern on top and stripes on body , high neck buttoned up breton sweater , military sweater with fabric patches on elbows and shoulders , zipped up breton trawler sweater , heavy weather polo neck sweater , herring bone round neck sweater , wool watch hat and breton scarf.......

mail order saint james sweater, reefer jacket, beaudouin duffle coat, navy pea coat, kilt, breton cap, breton T-shirt, french beret, fisherman's clothing from brittany

Breton sweaters

traditional unisex breton sweater with shoulder buttons plain or with stripes.broader fit than the officier, it is recommended for non skinny persons
local breton sweater with shoulder buttons from the north of brittany with a plain pattern at the top and stripes on the body and sleeves
 saint james sweater,reefer jacket,duffle-coat,breton cap,breton shirt,captain cap
genuine breton sweater with shoulder butons. It is a very fitted sweater merchant navy polo neck breton sweater. it is a heavy duty sweater for hard weather
zip up polo neck trawler sweater in ribbed knit wool. It is a very warm heavy duty sweater

You can match all these sweaters with breton striped socks , a genuine breton nautical reefer jacket for men , ladies and children , a peacoat , a french sailor red pompon hat or a genuine top quality french beret , a plain wool traditional breton cap or a breton cotton fisherman cap , a breton duffle-coat in superb double face wool , men breton red sailor trousers , breton smock , a genuine breton heavy weight cotton shirt , a fine cotton breton shirt , a national navy service man striped cotton jersey......

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